Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What is Fold?

Hi guys, name's Jesterface, and this here blog will be, hopefully, a journal of my D&D campaign setting as I slowly add to it and build it up. The world has been named 'Fold', which is Hungarian for 'Earth'. A bit weak when you think about it, but I was struggling to come up with a name that 'felt' right, and didn't seem arbitrarily fantasy-world. Fold began simply, as an excuse for me to run a steampunk D&D game, and eventually expanded to be more 'early industrial revolution'. Think something not unlike Iron Kingdoms (the setting for the Warmachine and Hordes game by Privateer Press) and the Albion of Fable 2 (and a splash of Fable 3). This was part of my efforts to lose the 'Victoriana' that so often comes attached to steampunk, and something that had lost its luster to me, and I didn't want to abandon that high fantasy/medieval flavour that D&D typically has. Obviously, there's a heavily European influence on the setting, as it's hard to not include what is essentially 'my history' as part of this world, as much as I'd like to use other cultures more predominantly. Well, I hope this is a little interesting to folks. There'll be more to come, and with any luck, there may even be doodles to go with it. ~J

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